The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

-Buddy the Elf

How to Get Through a Breakup

How to Get Through a Breakup

Breakups can be so hard on us. This is a time to focus on yourself again. I know it’s going to be hard to get your ex out of your mind, but at least try.

Try these:

  • Go out with your friends
  • Start working out
  • Eat that carton of ice cream
  • It’s ok to cry
  • Learn to cook a new meal
  • Catch up on Netflix

Of course these are only a couple of things to do, but they can be helpful. We have all seen those movies where the girls have lost themselves after the breakup. Don’t be that person. Be the person who finds their inner peace.

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

This is one of the best practices of self love! You know what you want and you go for it. Don’t be afraid to do what you want to do.


Apply for that job!

Ask that girl out!

Ask for that raise!

Save up for that car!


These are things that can easily change your life. Know what you deserve. This is a wonderful start to loving yourself and knowing what is best for you as a person. You can do these things with the right mindset. It IS possible.

Remember who you are and remember what you can achieve. Work hard for what you want and know that it may take time to achieve those goals, so be patient.

Patients is also important when it comes to your dreams. Maybe it isn’t their right time in your life just yet. Don’t forget your dreams, just keep working towards them no matter what.

What is your dream? Leave a comment and let me know!


50 Self Date Ideas

50 Self Date Ideas

It’s so important to make sure we spend time with ourselves. We need to love ourselves before we are able to love anyone else.

Here are a few date ideas to take yourself on:

1. Go see a movie

2. Go for a walk

3. Go shopping at the local mall

4. Visit your library

5. Get a massage for 1

6. Take a class and learn a new hobby

7. Cook yourself dinner

8. Visit a park

9. Go on a long drive

10. Head to a cafe for coffee

11. Watch the sun rise and set

12. Book a hotel room

13. Read a new book

14. Get a facial

15. Go sight seeing

16. Get a mani and pedi

17. Take a bubble bath

18. Head to your local farmers market

19. Check out a museum

20. Get a drink at the bar

21. Take a yoga class

22. Go to a concert

23. Go for a hike

24. Paint

25. Take a nap

26. Buy a new outfit

27. Volunteer

28. Go rollerblading

29. Go ice skating

30. Head to your local zoo

31. Take a self defense class

32. Go to a Buffett

33. Go Stargaze

34. Go cloud watch

35. Visit a pet store

36. Go for a jog

37. Visit a store you’ve never been to

38. Go on a guided tour

39. Go to a theme park

40. Visit the gym

41.Netflix and chill by yourself

42. Use a telescope to look at a full moon

43. Dress up and have a photo shoot

44. Bake some cookies

45. Go people watching

46. Attend a workshop

47. Go to a conference

48. Go wine tasting

49. Get your hair done

50. Go get a new tattoo

You can do all of these by yourself and learn to love yourself again. Choose one to do once a week or even once a month. Make that time for yourself. Remember to put yourself first sometimes.