10 tips for time management

10 tips for time management

Not managing your time can cause so much unneeded stress! By managing your time wisely, you can not only avoid this stress, but you can also make time for yourself!

1. Plan

Sit down and write out exactly what it is that you need to get done. Write down what you plan to do and when you want to have it done by.

2. Use a calendar

By using a calendar, you can look at each day and see what it is you need to complete. This can help you plan out your day.

3. Learn how to say NO

By saying no, you are getting rid of those time wasters. This allows you to focus on what it is that you need to get done.

4. Set extra time aside

This lets you have extra time in case something goes wrong. That way you can still stay on track.

5. Don’t multitask

Multitasking can allow you to make errors or become lost easier. It takes away your full focus from each project.

6. Know your limits

Overworking yourself is a great cause of stress and exhaustion. Take things one step at a time until you’re done.

7. Develop a routine

By doing this you can get yourself in the habit of getting things done. Sit down at the same time every day and work through the problem.

8. Stop procrastinating

You’re just adding more stress to yourself by doing this. You still have to finish the project so stop waiting until the last minute.

9. Finish the job

Make sure that you’re actually finishing these projects. If you’re not it can keep dragging on and on until you pass the deadline. There’s nothing worse than an incomplete or late project.

10. Remind yourself that you can do it

You can and you will do it. Thing may become tough to work through, but believe in yourself and don’t give up.


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